Start of Training

It’s happened…..I am the proud owner of my very own Rewalk device, who I’ve named Rodney!

This picture is the very first time I had a proper training session using Rodney.

People have asked me how it has felt to walk in my own device for the first time and it is so difficult to put into words. There are so many emotions but I like to think that my smile in this picture sums it up rather well.

I am going to continue to undertake regular weekly training at Hobbs Rehabilitation in Winchester. The sessions are approximately an hour long and it’s tiring (and incredibly sweaty) work, but hopefully it will become easier as the weeks go by.

Can’t wait to be able to show Rodney off to all my friends and family and take him to lots of different places to share this incredible life-changing technology with everyone!

I’ll be sure to continue to share our adventures with you! 🙂

Lucy xxx