NCS support

Two weeks ago I was contacted by a group of young people involved in the National Citizen Service programme.

For those who don’t know, National Citizen Service (NCS) is an initiative for 15 to 17 years-olds that gives young people a chance to embark on exhilarating challenges and build skills for work and life.

There are three phases to the programme, the final being a social action project

A NCS group in Hampshire were undertaking phase three of their programme and were embarking on a local social action project. One of the group members made contact with me and said that they had seen the Lucy’s Legs campaign in recent weeks and asked if I would mind if they did some fundraising for this.

The group did a fantastic effort of organising events and, after 3 days of fundraising activities, including a 14km walk (a kilometre for every year I have been in the wheelchair) and two bake sales, I met with these amazing young people who presented me with an incredible £1,328 that they had helped to raise towards a Re-Walk Exoskeleton device to call my own.

A fantastic initiative and truly incredible group of young people to whom I will be forever grateful