Great South Run 2018

1 week after the chaos and crazy emotions of my fundraising auction, it was time to prepare for the Great South Run in Portsmouth!

For those of you that don’t know, last year I was raising money for Spinal Research and┬ácompleted the Great South Run on my own in my wheelchair – all 16 sweaty kilometres! This is the furthest distance I have ever ‘raced’.

Before the race last year I had begun to suffer with problems in my elbows – tendon damage as a result of using the wheelchair. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have taken part in the race last year, but I didn’t want to let everyone down, so pushed on through the pain. After the race I really suffered and was in significant pain. I had to undergo extensive physiotherapy which involved acupuncture as well as shockwave treatment.

I had hoped to undertake the Great South Run on my own again this year, but it was apparent that this was not going to possible as I needed to rest my arms (no easy feat when you need them to help you get around in a wheelchair).

My amazing friends Karen Trinder and Owen Jones stepped up and said they would take part for me this year and use it as fundraising opportunity for my ‘Lucy’s Legs’ campaign. Soon, other friends also agreed to do the same and there was a ‘team’ of 6 runners, which was fantastic.

I decided that I’d still like to be part of the race and that maybe some of my team could push me round the course this year……but….my stubborn nature took over and I found myself pushing 13.5km (8.5 miles) of the 16km course! Considering I had done no training and had not been allowed to undertake any real exercise for the past 11 months, I was really proud of myself for managing to achieve this, and only 8 minutes slower than last year!

It was a fantastic atmosphere and, as always, there was such great support along the route.

Thank you to my amazing friends and work colleagues who helped me take part this year, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Lucy xx