BBC South Today Interview

At the beginning of October I was fortunate enough to be contacted by a reporter at BBC South.

They had heard that my friends were due to take part in the Great South Run at the end of the month (with me in tow – mainly being pushed round the course due to long standing tendon injuries in both my arms) and wanted to come and interview us ahead of the race.

4 of the 6 of my friends/work colleagues taking part came to my flat and we set about recording our interviews. What ensued can only be described as a comedy of errors – from doors getting stuck, people making noises when they shouldn’t and the rather unfortunate expletive I mumbled when I forgot I was microphoned up! It’s safe to say I should not work in TV!!

However, it was a really fun day though and I really appreciated BBC South taking the time to come and film us and cover my fundraising story.

You can the interview by watching the video, below.